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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Basic Management Include? 

  • Daily Posts on Active Feeds

  • Story/Reel Posts

  • None Sexual Interaction with fans

  • Daily drops in Retweet Groups 

Why are Suicide Girls Shoots more expensive than normal shoots? 

SG shoots are more expensive because over all they take more time to do, not only the photoshoot itself but also the editing, SG hold a very high standard when it comes to their photos and therefore more time has to go into each images. You also are required to shoot in a 'homely' setting and therefore locations are more expensive 

Can I bring someone with me on the photoshoot? 

Yes of course, I am more than happy for you to bring a chaperone but please make sure they do not distract you from working. Most of the time we will be working to a time limit and I like to make use of the little time we have together. 

Do I need to have experience or a big following to work with you? 

Absolutely not! The whole point of my service is to help people out in this industry. It does not matter if you have 5 or 50000 followers! 

Photoshoots are open to all levels, experience, genders etc! If you are new and unsure what to do during a shoot, please let me know beforehand as I will make sure you are happy & comfortable throughout our time together, I have plenty of poses for all different shapes and sizes that I can teach you too. 

Where can I find your previous work? 

I have multiple platforms for you to see my work.

You are also more than welcome to ask me who I have previously worked for and you can ask them yourself If I was worth it. 

Can you please tell us your Audience & Reach for YouTube?

Certainly, as of November 2023, My YouTube audience is predominantly male (93.4%) between the ages of 35-64. 

My top three Locations are United States, Mexico & Brazil. 

My most viewed Video has 13 Million Views!


If you'd like anymore information in regards to my Audience & Reach please use the contact page to discuss.  

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